I can’t pinpoint when my weight issues truly began. That’s an interesting statement, I think, since I’m the one in this body and I of all people should be able to figure it out. I know that I became sensitive about my weight in high school, although looking back, I looked completely fine back then.... Continue Reading →


Why did I begin writing this blog? Great question. So glad you asked. While my other blog, http://ritzelswrites.blogspot.com, crawls through the blogosphere with amazing slowness, like a NASCAR race in reverse, with carefully drafted essays about aspects of my life I would like to share with the three people who actually read it. Good stuff, I... Continue Reading →

Be Still, My Brain

Yesterday’s headache was a stubborn one. A kick-ass one. The proverbial moose in the Swarovski crystal outlet (is that a thing? I think I just made that up). When I woke up yesterday it was bad, but it got worse and worse throughout the day. I felt my brain ping-ponging around my skull, a match... Continue Reading →

And the Oscar Goes to…

I woke up today with a massive headache. It feels as if my brain asked politely to leave my skull, but my skull said no, and now my brain is banging on every inch of my skull in a desperate attempt to break free of the bones that bind it. My brain is bouncing back... Continue Reading →

My Two Lemurs

A while back we went to a Japanese restaurant, one of those places where you sit around a grill while a chef wields an extremely sharp knife in front of your face. I ordered a diet soda and it arrived with an itty bitty monkey perched on the side of the glass. No cute umbrellas... Continue Reading →

Day One and Already Lost

It’s day number one of my journey toward finding happiness through writing a blog and already I’m lost. I woke up before my alarm, which is amazing considering the ungodly hour the local country radio station was set to begin blaring in my right ear. But I also awoke nauseated, like I had been in... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

I begin this blog as I do with any journey, packing my thoughts much as I pack a suitcase. For this journey, however, I am also packing some trepidation because this is going to be very unlike my other blog, ritzelswrites.blogspot.com. That blog contains well-written, deeply thought-out creative nonfiction that reflects pieces of me that come... Continue Reading →

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