Mistakes, I’ve Made a Few

Although I wish my sole purpose in life was to write, I have a day job that can be quite demanding. I teach Language Arts Enrichment—a beautiful way to say arts and crafts with as much language arts as I can cram in—to students in a special education school. I am also the school’s testing... Continue Reading →

Emotional Banking

Yesterday I burst into tears on the way to the bank. Now, banking does not normally elicit such strong emotions from me. I’m don’t wail when signing the back of a check or scream for joy when I withdraw cash. But yesterday was different. Held tightly to my chest yesterday afternoon was a simple Priority... Continue Reading →

My Life Could Be Pointless

I’m the kind of person who, given the opportunity to visit the cool, breezy, beautiful, expat-in-one’s-own-country vibe of Key West, decides it is her mission—her absolute duty—to try every Key lime pie she can (eating pie after every meal except breakfast), photograph them, rank them, and put together a collage of “The Best Key Lime... Continue Reading →

My Dream Vacation

I would like to take a vacation. I imagine this sounds strange and more than a bit self-indulgent considering I already AM on a vacation, but hear me out. The vacation I really want is one I am doubting I will ever have to opportunity to take. It’s an epic trip, really. It would not... Continue Reading →

Thoughts at the Luggage Carousel

We have just arrived after our flight from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to West Palm Beach. We have come to Florida to visit Bill’s brother on one coast and my family on the other. We arrive at the luggage carousel in varying states of consciousness: Bill is still slightly groggy from the restless nap he... Continue Reading →

Birthday Socks and Other Thoughts

Today is my birthday. I know this because I am wearing my birthday socks. Yes, I know, this is odd, but I have a vast collection of socks that contains not only cat socks and paw print socks, but pairs containing the likes of moose, bears, lemurs, river otters, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day,  and one... Continue Reading →

I Should Really Stop Shoulding

My current list of shoulds: I should lose weight. I should write more. I should nap less. I should read more. I should clean out the final boxes that belonged to my mom. I should work on my book every day. I should eat way more vegetables. I should email those I have lost touch... Continue Reading →

How Did I Get Here?

I woke up this morning thinking about life’s crazy path. The journey we all take through this incarnation. The long and winding road. The road not taken. Life is a highway and we’re all always on the road again. As I was pondering these deep thoughts while awaiting the Keurig to come to life and... Continue Reading →

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