Celebrating Poetry and the Villanelle

April is National Poetry Month and so, of course, I could not allow the month to begin without writing a blog post that contains a poem. I wrote this poem a while back while I was experimenting with different poetic forms. But this is not just any poem, you see, this is a villanelle. What is a villanelle,... Continue Reading →

Basic Instincts Run Amok

Once upon a snowy Saturday, an innocent woman was faced with peril at the hands of her coworkers. I don’t want to mention her name, but she’s tall with curly graying hair and really loves cats. Okay, okay, it was me. I confess, already. Just be forewarned that what you are about to read is embarrassing but... Continue Reading →

Finding My Balance

I needed to find my balance. This wasn’t an existential crisis with which I was dealing. No, this had far more practical implications: I wanted to ride a bicycle. My brother Pete had a two-wheeler and after watching him and scores of other kids of all ages ride up and down the road on which... Continue Reading →

Bodily Function

Those of you who read this blog (and I sincerely thank all three of you) may have noticed that I haven't been posting much lately. There's a reason for this. I began this blog as an outlet for my struggles with weight, chronic pain, and my grief surrounding the death of my parents. At times, I... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts on Resolutions

In my younger, more innocent and naïve years, I sat down every New Year's Eve with a pen and a fresh sheet of paper. I then proceeded to do what most people do on this most angst-producing, stomach-churning, headache-inducing day: I wrote down my resolutions for the upcoming year. To lose weight (duh). To stop worrying... Continue Reading →

Spirited Encounter

I recently visited my parents' grave for the first time since we buried my mom. After the visit, I was lying in bed thinking about writing a blog post about that first visit. I fell asleep that night pondering my feelings about that visit and how I would present it in this blog. I did... Continue Reading →

Babies: To Have or Have Not

I’ve been surrounded by talk of babies lately. A couple readies themselves for the arrival of triplets. Another couple is in disagreement about whether to have a child. I am seated at a baby shower with two other women who talk of nothing but what their fully grown babies are doing. I listen attentively to... Continue Reading →

The Empty Chair

Recently we visited the assisted-living facility where my mother spent the last 15 months of her life. We went for an Alzheimer’s fundraiser in the form of a car show, and as we walked around for two hours, those 15 months reappeared as if by slight of hand, memory after memory leaning against vintage vehicles... Continue Reading →

Visit in My Mind

In my mind, I can see and feel it as clearly as my present reality of cursor blinking, coffee brewing, head pounding. We have driven for an hour and a half to get here. Bill makes the right turn onto their driveway and as we drive down the steep gravel, the garage door is already... Continue Reading →

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